Ban Nam Khem

             The village of Ban Nam Khem in the Phang Nga province was one of the worst hit regions. A refugee camp which has been established is now home to 3 400 displaced persons, including 200 orphans. Phuket Christian Centre has been given responsibility for 1 200 of these people by the Assistant Governor of Phang Nga. At this time we are supplying emergency aid and the situation will be reviewed with a view to finding long term solutions.





Devastation in Khao Lak.



The area that has been destroyed reaches far and wide.


These tents are a temporary home to the thousands of people left with nothing.


The tent city.



Volunteers cooking and distributing food.



Volunteers try to raise a smile amongst the orphans.



Pastor Brian surveys the area and identifies the needs of the community. The boat you see in the background was swept 2km inland by the tsunami.


Pastor Brian makes plans with one of the village elders.


Counselling is an important part of the work following the disaster. Pastor Nok listens to a lady's




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