Ban Kamala Primary School

             Ban Kamala Primary School was completely destroyed by the tsunami which hit Kamala beach on 26th December 2004. Phuket Christian Centre is co-ordinating the re-building of the school. Our aim is not simply to re-build the school, but to provide additional facilities and resources. This depends on the amount of money raised. We estimate the total cost of the reconstruction work will be in the region of a million pounds.

Please help TSFM and the Japan Emergency Team in our efforts to re-build the lives of the children of Kamala.

Thank you!


The site of Ban Kamala Primary School. This is all that remains following the savage waters of the tsunami. As you can see, not a single brick remains standing.

The main building was directly adjacent to the shore and, as a result, took the full force of the tsunami.




Pastor Brian holds up the architect's plans for the new school. Construction work will begin shortly.




Dararat takes down the details of a grandmother who is asking for help. She is struggling to care for her grandchild, following her daughter's death.


The children of the school attend a party hosted by the Phuket Christian Centre. Many of these children lost their homes and members of their families.





Pastor Brian is thanked by one of the school children as they receive their gift.






Pastor Nok and the



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